New type of Residence Permit in Hungary for Digital Nomads

In January 2022, the Hungarian National Immigration Office for aliens policing, having learnt the lessons of the pandemic, presented a new type of residence permit for online businesses. To keep up with the COVID realities the newly named “White...

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Permanent residence permit

Many of my clients are searching the Internet for information on the general rules of getting the National Permanent Residence Permit. For those of you, who like to take things seriously, I decided to share the most important issues...

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Bank account in Euro: Hungary vs EU

Did you know that some Hungarian citizens prefer to keep money not with a bank, but hidden at home or at work? Perhaps this is due to the high prices of banks for maintaining the account and transactions taxes. Many European expats are taken by surprise...

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Happy childhood in Hungarian Kindergarten

How to register your child for a Hungarian Kindergarten? In Hungary, little expats with the temporary residency status have the right to attend Kindergarten. Good news are – Hungarian governmental Kindergartens are completely free of charge!


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Health Insurance in Hungary

To obtain a residence permit in Hungary, you will need to arrange medical insurance in a private or state agency.

The simplest choice for medical insurance contract that the immigration office will accept is Generali. The company can offer you...

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Types of European Residence Permits

Getting a temporary residency in Hungary (residence permit) is quite simple. There are many types of resident status and ways to obtain a long-term visa. You can move to live in Hungary permanently in case you can prove your sustainability and justify...

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