Legalization of the driver's license

In the event that a foreigner is staying in Hungary with a residence permit for more than six months, he must undergo the procedure of legalization of the driver's license. If the driver's license is not changed within a year, you risk getting a fine during the routine police check or in case you have to deal with the insurance issues.

You can exchange foreign driving license for Hungarian one by booking an appointment in the central governmental office in Budapest. (Act CXL of 2004 on general rules of procedure and public administration services). The list of documents includes a statement, a medical certificate of professional suitability, translation of a driving license certified by a state translation bureau and a receipt for a paid state tax, which is 6200 Forints. A new driver's license will be issued within 8 days, but it is possible to speed up the process, if you submit a corresponding application. The European driving license issued in Hungary is the document, certifying the identity of the bearer.

Please note! You can only change your current driving license for the EU Hungarian driving license if you first obtained your Residence Permit in Hungary.  

Your personal presence is necessary in the governmental office for taking a photo.

Vehicle registration

In case you happen to purchase a vehicle outside of Hungary, you will have to legalize the car and get Hungarian license plates. If the vehicle is purchased in EU (common to import cars from Germany as there are good deals for used and new cars), you will be given temporary license plates with expiration date on them.

The procedure of legalization of the vehicle in Hungary is quite complicated, and will be almost impossible to complete without an experienced assistant. First, it is necessary to pass the technical inspection, authorized by the state control service according to your registered address. Pre-registration for a vehicle inspection can take from several weeks to a month.

To avoid waiting and dealing with confusing procedure of processing the documents in the tax department, translation agency and governmental office, it is advisable to contact a specialist. The cost of the service depends on the urgency and type of documents presented.

Legalization of driving licence and vehicle in Hungary

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