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Third country nationals from India, Israel, China and African Union are entitled to apply for long-term visa or Residence Permit in Hungary. You and your whole family can explore Europe numerous possibilities for high living standards and business opportunities with Hungarian resident permits.

Among the countries of the European Union that consistently issue residence permits to the third world citizens, Hungary is ahead of the Czech Republic, Portugal and Bulgaria, and can be even competing in immigration with Spain. This country, which have been tolerant through its history and friendly to its multinational inhabitants: Germans, Serbians, Slovakians, Jews and other communities. Although each of the nationals had had their own customs and regions, they could easily manage living in the same village. One can still notice this happy coexistence in the small town Chobanka or Sentendre upstream of the Danube, just 20 km from Budapest.

Budapest today is representing a lively international city, a cozy metropolis that speaks all the languages of the world. A large number of qualified international specialists have chosen this country for studying, working and living. English is spoken in all major international organizations and companies, and there are numerous cultural centers, cooperating with the Embassies and expats. For instance, there are several Israeli cultural institutions and organizations to support Jewish community in Hungary.

Getting a residence permit in Hungary will be easy if you are ready to move to Europe. The Immigration Authorities in Hungary will proceed the application for a residence permit within 30 calendar days, provided that all required paperwork is in order. You need to justify your application and choose the right strategy, consider the type of residence permit that suits your purposes. Resident Help team will assist you through the whole process; make a list of the required documents and help translating and presenting them to the authorities.  If your case is clear, the Central Office of Immigration and Nationality will have no additional inquiries and interviews.

If you decide to move to move to live in Europe, you will need an experienced assistant, professional consultant, whose expertise lies in the field of naturalization in Hungary, guiding you and your family through complex bureaucratic system. Our mission is to help our clients to achieve their goals and ease the communication with Hungarian authorities.

Apply for Hungarian Residency

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