Health Insurance in Hungary

  • Jun 07, 2018

To obtain a residence permit in Hungary, you will need to arrange medical insurance in a private or state agency.

The simplest choice for medical insurance contract that the immigration office will accept is Generali. The company can offer you family insurance package with options. You can chose an emergency coverage (around 100 Euro per year) and full health insurance, which provides private medical care (approximately 250 Euro per year).

The state medical insurance (TAJ kártya) will cost significantly more for a non-EU citizen with the residence permit. For underage children and full-time students, the cost of public health insurance for the year 2018 is 41,400 Ft (140 Euro). It is more expensive for an adult applicant, who must pay 69,000 Ft (230 Euro) per month. With permanent status (permanent residency) in Hungary, a foreign citizen pays a reduced insurance fee, which is only 6600 Ft (20 Euros) per month.

If you consider governmental healthcare insurance, the fee must be paid at the beginning of each month. In order to have the right to receive child support package during maternity leave, a woman must pay state medical insurance for at least 12 months in the last 2 years before pregnancy.

In case a foreigner is officially employed in Hungary, the insurance is paid by the employing company as part of taxation. When registering the status of an individual entrepreneur, the applicant is entitled to free state medical care, as in the case of employment.

Hungarian insurance policy allows the non-European citizens to receive a European Insurance Card (Európai Egészségbiztosítási Kártya) - this card can be issued completely free of charge if you apply for Hungarian governmental insurance number. The EU medical insurance card is valid in the EU countries, including Serbia and Croatia, and provides free medical services when traveling abroad.

With European insurance card, you can use the services of various international insurance companies or even get travel and extreme sports insurance coverage. If you enjoy hiking and trekking, skiing or doing any kind of sports and outdoor activities, then you should consider joining the Alpine Club and receive an insurance that is valid all over the world.

Being a member of one of the European alpine clubs, you not only get discounts for accommodation and tickets, but also medical emergency and evacuation insurance. The membership fee includes medical care, search and rescue services and transportation by helicopter, costing up to 35 000 Euro. Membership fee is approximately 50-70 Euros per year.

You can get advice and arrange medical insurance on an individual request, depending on your situation, the cost of this service will be from 100 Euro including VAT.

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