New type of Residence Permit in Hungary for Digital Nomads

  • Jan 29, 2022

In January 2022, the Hungarian National Immigration Office for aliens policing, having learnt the lessons of the pandemic, presented a new type of residence permit for online businesses. To keep up with the COVID realities the newly named “White card” can be requested by freelancers or citizens of third countries (Pakistan, Iran, India, USA, Israel and China), who are working from home and receiving a stable income, sufficient to live in Europe. This type of residence permit is much easier to obtain than “other purposes”, “gainful activity” or “working permit”.

The white residence permit has some particular restrictions: it is issued every time for a 1 year period, but the extension and submission of an application can be easily submitted through the government portal Enter Hungary, which will allow you to spend less time in queues in Immigration Office.

Also, this type of residence permit does not allow asking for “family reunification” status, and inviting other dependant relatives such as children and non working spouses. It means that a family member has to provide their own income to be able to ask for their residence permit. In case of a family of two, each family member will have to find a reason for a long stay in Hungary, as well as provide a certificate from work, or prove of income. The supporting documentation should be proving the income of least 2000 Euros per month for a half year’s period at least. If you are planning to move to Hungary with kids, you can rely on a child friendly system, which supports integration, as long as the child is registered in a kindergarten or enrolled in a school. In this case a residence permit for other purposes can be provided for minor family members.

If you are a digital nomad, a freelancer, running your own business

  • working remotely online
  • the income is confirmed by a tax certificate
  • the terms of your working contract allow you to work remotely

then don’t hesitate to apply for a white residence permit in Hungary. Within 30 days you will receive your long term visa, your golden key to Hungary - a country that opens the new horizons of Europe and Schengen.


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