Budapest on Bike

  • Feb 05, 2017

Perfect climate of Hungary is one of the main advantages for a city cyclist. The season for biking opens in March, but even in winter, cycling along Danube or Andrassy Avenue never stops.

The only thing you have to give up when choosing an independent mode of transportation in the cold season is looks: sportish boys and girls are wrapped in nose-covering scarves and hoods, forming an unisex species of a winter bicyclist.

Compared to Europe, Budapest is definitely lacking safe bicycle ways. Bike trails are often merged with a bus lane, where ignorant taxi drivers and giant touristic buses are constantly shaping a threat behind your back. On the river embankment, some of the bike lines are interfering with touristic trails, which can be annoying for those who stopped for selfie in the middle of the road, amazed by the view. In 2017, a new section was open between the Margit and Arpad bridges in Pest, named Moscow promenade, with a separate red epoxin resin covered bike lane, very comfi and safe for kids.

The Hungarian bicycle club is an official organization, which is constantly fighting for better and safer roads in the city. You might have seen the “I Bike Budapest” stickers, which remind us about a nice event for celebrating the liberation of the city from cars and gas vehicles. The “critical mass” movement is held 2 times a year, the roads and bridges are being exclusively secured for people on bikes – who are parading cheerfully through the city. Citizens of Buda and Pest have different meeting points, and then continue on main city lines to meet in the end on Margit’s Island or Hero’s square to lift up their wheels in the air. You can donate 1% of your tax to this organization in you care for better city planning in Hungary.

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